• Claudia Rolando (soprano) and Melina Marcos (piano) invite us on a journey through Argentina classical music. Guastavino, Ginastera and Piazzolla, among other prominent composers, lead us to explore bucolic landscapes and transport us to a dream world. Flowers, earth, air and water in their songs, open the door to the Argentinian Music history, where the national fragrance surrounds the particular innovations of these distinguished artists.

  • Mujeres Argentinas

    Argentinian Chamber Music


    Soprano - Musicologist - Singing Teacher

    Claudia Rolando was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She holds a Degree in Music Arts with a specialization in Singing from the University Institute of Arts and a Degree in Classic Singing from the National Conservatory of Music, Argentina. In 2008 she graduated from a Master in Arts and Scenes Management from the University of the Basque Country, and in 2010 from a Master in Spanish and Latin American Music, from the University of Valladolid, Spain. Her teaching career began at the University of Buenos Aires, as a teacher of Singing and Vocal methods, and nowadays she teaches courses in Choir and Singing at the University of Valladolid, Spain. As a singer, she has performed in internationally renowned theatres in Europe and America. Claudia Rolando is able to perform in a wide repertoire that covers from baroque to contemporary music. She had the opportunity to premier songs by very well known composers and to take part in their recordings. Nowadays she is writing her PhD Thesis on the Singing Learning Processes, at the Music Department at the University of Valladolid, with a scholarship from the Basque Country Ministry of Education and as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Amsterdam.


    Pianist - Piano Teacher 

    Melina Marcos was born in Buenos Aires in 1982. When she was 23, she earned a Degree in Piano from the National Conservatory of Music “Carlos López Buchardo”, Argentina, and a Degree in Music Arts with specialization in Piano, from the University Institute of Arts, Argentina the following year. She attended numerous advanced courses in Argentina and Spain. During 2011 she won a scholarship from the Chamber Music Foundation. She performed in music festivals and courses, collaborating with distinguished national and international artists and orchestras, and performed in prestigious concert halls in Argentina, like the Colón Theatre, and in Spain, where she was invited by the Spanish Government to perform in commemoration of the bicentenary celebrations of the Argentinian Republic. She won the Accompanying pianist position in Viola and Sax Departments of the University Institute of Arts in 2003. She began her teaching career at the age of 21, when she joined the National Conservatory of Music as a teacher’s assistant of piano for undergraduate and graduate students. Since 2007 she is a Piano Professor at the same institution.

  • Mujeres Argentinas Amsterdam Festival

  • Upcoming Events

    Mujeres Argentinas Música de Cámara


    20/2/18 Amsterdam, Pianola Museum

    23/2/18 Amsterdam, Munganga Theatre

    Guests musicians:

    Cornelia Zambila (Violin)

    Cristina Magni Ramos (Voice)

    Isabella von Holstein (Voice)

    Hugo Brandao (Guitar)


    5/2/17 Amsterdam,

    Pianola Museum

    17/2/17 Amsterdam, Huis de Pinto

    Guests musicians:

    Cornelia Zambila (Violin)

    Cecylia Fenrych (Viola)




    22/5/16 Amsterdam, Pianola Museum


    20/11/15 Breda, Waalse Kerk.

    14/11/15 Amsterdam, De Roode Bioscoop



    8/2/15 Den Haag, Podium Vocale

    12/2/15 Amsterdam, SOOP

    15/2/15 Bruxelles, Atelier Marcel Hastir


    21/3/13 Valencia

    26/3/13 León, Fundación Euterpe



    8/3/13 Paris, France. Casa Argentina de la Ciudad Universitaria

    5/3/13 Amsterdam, Sarphatihuis

    1/3/13 Haarlem



    26/7/10 Palencia, Spain

    Palacio de la Diputación de Palencia




    26/7/10 Valladolid, Spain

    Colegio de Santa Cruz



  • Workshops

    Singing with the Pianist

    "Singing with the Pianist" is a 4 hours workshop where the students will work their classical singing arias and duets with Melina Marcos, Piano Accompanist Teacher from the Argentinian Nacional Conservatory of Music, specialized in Singers, and Claudia Rolando, Singing Teacher. The workshop ends with a mini-concert by the Active Participants.

    Argentinian Vocal Music Workshop

    Voice and piano: Repertoire and interpretation



    This course is intended for singers (soloists and choir members) and choir conductors. It is also intended for singing and music teachers, repertoire teachers, researchers, and the public in general.


    The course’s main purpose is to go into technical aspects of singing Argentinian Music in depth and to get some appropriation of specific tools and resources for an excellent vocal performance. It’s also aimed at the development of the piano-voice ensemble performance in the context of Argentinian and Latin America Music. Throughout the course, interpretative elements, precision in diction and phonetics, phrasing and techniques for sound production of the voice will be treated, as well as the importance of physical-corporeal aspects in singing and its influence in voice technique improvement.


    Teaching activities include individual singing lessons and chamber music sessions. The students will also receive lectures on Argentinian repertoire, diction and pronunciation, and Argentine culture, history, musical forms and rhythms. All participants are welcome to attend seminars, conferences and activities related to the investigation of vocal repertoire Argentine scheduled in the Course

  • 1st Chamber Music Workshop


    14/11/15, Amsterdam. Singing Lessons in Amsterdam

    2nd Chamber Music Workshop


    21/5/16, Amsterdam. Singing Lessons in Amsterdam

    3rd Chamber Music Workshop


    25/2/17, Amsterdam. Singing Lessons in Amsterdam

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